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At its peak, the drive-in theatre numbered to almost 5000 in the United States.  Today there are less than 400.  Drive-ins have been and continue to be an integral part of American culture.  Drive-in theatres represent family values and significant highlights in many people’s lives.


The Skyview Drive-In in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania first opened its gates in 1946.  To our knowledge the Skyview has been in constant operation ever since.  Many have come to the Skyview on their first date and also on their wedding night.  There are so many people who have great memories from their visits here.  The current owners of the Skyview Drive-In are dedicated to keeping it open for current and future generations of families.


Movie studios are going to stop producing movies on 35mm film very soon.  It may be as soon as March 2013.  Currently, the Skyview Drive-In has two 35mm projectors.  For us to stay open we need to purchase and install the new digital projectors.


As a seasonal theatre, the Skyview Drive-In simply cannot afford to pay for this conversion without the help of the public.  Each digital projector and required supporting systems cost approximately $75,000 each not including the projection booth modifications needed.


The conversion to digital projection includes purchasing a digital projector and the supporting systems such as the computer server and the digital sound system. In addition, there are building modifications that must be met to keep the digital equipment maintained at the proper temperature/humidity levels as well as electrical changes.


Multiplexes and large chain theatres have all received Virtual Print Fees (VPF), basically payments from the movie studios to help offset the cost of their digital equipment.  Unfortunately, our drive-in theatre does not qualify for these payments.


To make this conversion we need your help. If you care to donate money to help us go "digital" --please use the donate button below. This is thru PayPal and you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service. All donations are appreciated. Please leave your email address so that we can thank you for your assistance in this regard.





Donations can also be made by check at the following address.

     Skyview Drive-In

     PO Box 351

     Carmichaels, PA 15320


We would also like to offer an advertising opportunity to businesses who would like to sponsor our digital conversion.  Depending on the amount of the sponsorship, the Skyview Drive-In would be able to offer on screen advertising each evening we operate.  Note:  advertisements would need to be age appropriate for the movie being shown.  Technical information like file formats recognized by the projector etc can be discussed if any business is interested.


If you have questions, please contact us by e-mail,


Thank you in advance for your support.


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