COVID-19 Policies

We would like to welcome you back to the drive in, however we must ask that you attend safely. There are a few guidelines you must follow when attending the drive in to ensure both your safety and everyone else’s. While we strive to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere, safety is especially important. Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

  • If you are not feeling well, please do not attend. We will be happy to see you when you are feeling well!
  • The driver of the vehicle must wear a mask when entering the drive in during the ticket purchasing procedure. You may remove your mask after you are settled in your space, however, anybody that leaves your space for any reason (driver or passenger) MUST wear a mask. We recommend that you stay in your vehicle to maintain social distancing.
  • We will not be parking cars in the usual way. Instead of having two vehicles between each set of poles, there will only
  • The concession stand is open for limited occupancy. We have arrows and Xs on the floor to assist with social distancing.
  • Orders can also be placed on the following:
    1. FanFood app
  • It is highly recommended that you download the app and set up your account prior to attending. Food orders must be paid for over the app using credit card. Orders can be picked up at the doors on the entrance side of the concession stand.
  • For those individuals who do not have a smart phone to order online, manual orders may be made at the doors on the exit side of the concession stand. Cash or charge will be accepted.
  • Please do not leave your space for any other reason than using the restrooms or picking up a concession order.
  • We will have two porta johns set up on the restroom side of the concession stand, one being handicapped accessible. The women’s room will be available for family needs. Only two people are permitted in at one time, exceptions made for children with a parent.
  • We will also be routinely closing the restrooms briefly for sanitation, we ask for your patience. It is recommended that you use the restroom before leaving your house to help with restroom congestion.
  • Guests must have a vehicle; walk-ins will not be permitted.
  • This is a work in progress and may change periodically depending on the progression of Covid 19. We are all in uncharted territory and must get through this together. We ask for your cooperation, patience, and understanding during this time. We will eventually get back to the normal ways, but the better we follow these guidelines the quicker that will be.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of these guidelines, we ask that you stay home and attend once we no longer need these. Also, if you are a member of a high-risk group, please use caution when deciding on attending. If you know or believe you were exposed to anyone with Covid 19 in the past two weeks, p lease wait to attend the drive in.

Thank you.

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