• No outside Food or Beverages are permitted on drive-in property.
  • Switching of screens at any time is prohibited.
  • No alcohol is permitted on drive-in property.
  • Trucks, SUVs, and Vans are required to park in the back rows. Rows one and two are for cars only.
  • A trash bag is provided to all customers at the box office. Please place next (on the ground) to a speaker stand before leaving.
  • Vehicles are to travel on blacktopped or graveled areas only. The only grass vehicles are to be on is located on parking humps.
  • The grass between each screen and the first row of speakers are designated areas for children or adults to play before the movie starts.

Dogs are permitted provided rules are followed:

  1. They must stay in the vehicle unless being walked to the pet area.
  2. Pets must use the pet area to do their business.
  3. Pets must be on a leash.
  4. Pets must not bark at everything that moves. This scares some people.
  5. Must NOT be agressive.

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